5 Things You Need To Know About Spring Storms And Your Roof

When you live in Georgia, you are no stranger to the inclement weather. With the spring season in full swing, it is time to start paying attention to how the weather will affect your roof. From rain storms to massive winds, your roof is the first line of defense for your home against all the elements.

As your trusted roofing contractors in Hoschton, we consider it our job to not only help you with roofing repairs and replacements, but to also provide you with the knowledge you need to make educated decisions about your roof.

Get ready for the busy storm season ahead by reading these five top things you need to know about spring storms and your roof. 

1: If Your Roof Is Already Weakened, Even Small Storms Can Mean Big Trouble

Have you had your roof inspected since the winter season ended? If not, you may want to do so soon. The reality is that when you have a weakened roofing system, even the smallest spring storm could spell big trouble.

During the winter, a variety of damages may have occurred to your roof. You will want professional roofing contractors to take a good look to ensure none of the following can be said about your roof:

  • Damaged shingles: Did a wind storm over the winter leave your shingles curling or damaged? If so, when the first spring storm strikes, you could suffer from leaks
  • Missing components: From the flashing around chimneys to the fascia on the ends of your rafters, are any of your roofing components missing or severely damaged? If so, they can act as the weakest link, leading to severe damage during the next big storm.
  • Small leaks: Even the tiniest of holes in your roof will cause major issues when spring storms roll through the area. Make sure you have every hole repaired before the next storm to prevent damaging leaks.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, now is the time to do so. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in saving you from major roof failure down the road.

2: Hail is a true menace to your roof

It may seem like an obvious statement, but one of the number one risks to your roof is severe hail damage. Hail falls from the sky at incredible speeds and is capable of doing extreme damage to roofing systems. Pieces of hail are often referred to as hailstones, and for good reason. Imagine if the sky dumped rocks onto your roof at high speeds. This is essentially what happens when hailstones fall.

Combine hailstones with strong winds, and you will often be left with shingles stripped of their outer layer. While you can’t control the weather, you can ensure you have a roofing contractor on speed dial for post hail storm inspections. The sooner you assess damages, the better.

3: High Winds Might Be Affecting Your Roof More Than You Realize

The problem with roof damage is that it often goes unnoticed. After a storm passes, you may not realize how much damage has been done without a thorough inspection. For example, high winds can leave your roof weakened and missing major chunks of material.

From the ground, take time after a storm to see if any shingles or other roofing materials are in your yard. If you see a few shingles laying around, odds are high more shingles have been damaged or are missing than landed in your yard.

4: Water Is A Master Of Permeation

With the ability to permeate even the smallest of holes, water is one of the number one causes of home damage. Once water has found a way to seep into your roofing structure, you will face a variety of further issues, such as mold, mildew, and damaged ceilings.

Due to the permeation of water, a roofing system must be sealed extremely well in order to be effective. This is why it is critical to have a professional inspect your roof for any holes or entry points, as even the tiniest of offenders can cause major issues.

5: A Roofing Inspection Is Always A Good Idea

There is no wrong time for a roof inspection. Whether you want to get a jump start and make sure your roof is ready to handle the storms ahead or you are holding broken shingles in your hand after a major storm, reach out to our team of expert roofing contractors in Hoschton to schedule a roof inspection today! We look forward to helping you protect your home with a solid roofing system.

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