When you build a house or plan to renovate an existing apartment, picking the right contractor is something you can’t take casually! There are plenty of agencies offering construction services in Lawrenceville, but you cannot choose one without assessing properly. Building a house is a costly proposition, and renovation is not light on the wallet either. For any kind of construction needs, you can count on Berrong Construction LLC. We are among the top construction companies in Lawrenceville, and offer myriads of house revamp and expansion services.

Wide Range of Packages

When you opt for any general contractor near Lawrenceville, you need to check the packages offered. We offer a vast range of construction packages. These include:

Painting – Painting is required for aesthetic purposes and for safeguarding your walls from weather-induced damages. We offer all types of painting services for both residential and commercial projects. Ask us to paint your rooms with glossy or matte finish painting solutions. We also offer exterior painting services. You can contact us to get your office or home interiors painted with mold and damp resistant paints.

  • Flooring – If you need to change out the existing flooring in your house, we have your back. We offer all types of flooring services. Call us to polish wooden flooring or for installing marble flooring. Do you want any kind of eco-friendly flooring for your flat? We can fulfill such needs too.
  • Plumbing You may need to augment your existing plumbing system at home or the workplace. We are here to fulfill all types of plumbing needs. If you want a bathtub or shower enclosure to be set up, let us know. We can also replace your worn-out plumbing system.
  • Gutter Cleanup – If the gutters of your house are not cleaned well, that may lead to many problems. Water accumulation along the sides of the roof may lead to dampness and mold formation, eventually damaging the structure of the building. As a top construction company in Lawrenceville, we offer gutter cleanup and repair services.
  • Roofing – When your roof gets damaged, prompt repair is necessary, and you will need to contact a top general contractor in Lawrenceville. Berrong Construction LLC is here to address all roof repair needs. We can also replace worn-out roof with a new one, and guide you in picking the appropriate material.

Why Choose Us?

There are many construction contractors in Lawrenceville, but only few can come close to our service quality, punctuality, and reliability! Listed here are the reasons why we score over the competing contractors and agencies:

  • Top-grade Materials: Whether it is about roof repair or changing the floor, we use only high-quality material. You will not have to fret about durability.
  • Skilled Staff: For all types of construction-related work, we offer highly skilled veteran workers.
  • Superior Customer Service: We offer round-the-clock, reliable customer service to all our customers.
  • Aid in Financing: Are you planning to revamp your house, but the thought of financing is making you worried? We offer assistance in arranging finance for different home renovation needs.


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