Oversees the entire process for replacing residential roofs that have been lost due to storm related damages. From inspecting the homeowner’s roof for free to working directly with the insurance company, I make sure that the entire process is done efficiently and effectively. As the project manager, it is also my responsibility to ensure the replacement of the roof goes without a hitch! My goal is to make sure the homeowner experience is as positive as possible by handling the replacement of their roof from start to finish.

Include at least one professional accomplishment.

Successfully helped dozens of homeowners go through the entire replacement process through and around the city of Atlanta.

Describe your values.

When I lay my head down at night, I get comfort in knowing that I have been able to help another person or make that person’s life just a bit easier.

Briefly tell your readers who you are outside of work.

Father of two beautiful children: Rebekah (5) and David (2)
Born in Harrisonburg, VA. Grew up in Duluth, GA.
Collegiate Wrestler.
Love playing golf and going hiking.

Josh Deadrick
Project Manager