Insurance Restoration


Berrong Construction is equipped to handle any size project from new construction to renovations or rehabilitation to simply improving the aesthetic appeal of your property. From estimating through construction and billing we are focused on providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We believe that regular communication, progress updates and pictures are essential necessities that each customer deserves. Excellence is our goal with every project and we provide both workmanship and material warranties in order to ensure client satisfaction.


A catastrophe as unpredictable as a fire or a storm can wreak havoc on a property within seconds. Filing an insurance claim can often be confusing and frustrating. At Berrong Construction we have perfected the insurance restoration process and provide support from the beginning of an insurance claim through rebuild and final payment. We retain a network of consultants, engineers, public adjusters, attorneys, estimators, and subcontractors who are fully equipped to handle your company’s large loss claim efficiently. A common misconception is that insurance adjusters work for the policyholder – they don’t. For our clients, we strive to hold your insurance company accountable to maximize the value of your claim, which you are legitimately entitled to. Berrong Construction’s team of experts will help you understand, navigate and process your insurance claim to completion in your favor.


An insurance policy is a contract that is meant to indemnify a property against a peril, loss or damage. The insurance industry deals in the transfer of risk and unfortunately the policyholder is not always as fully protected as they might perceive. Although your insurance policy protects one of your most valuable assets, few people can say that they have thoroughly read and understand their policy. At Berrong Construction, our consultants are able to review the provisions and exclusions of your policy, providing an analysis of your coverage and its requirements. This in-depth analysis can provide you with the peace of mind that you are properly insured.

Request A Consultation


    1. Get a professional opinion from consultants that are knowledgeable in construction and commercial/residential insurance.
    2. Verify that all of your policy’s coverages are necessary and appropriate for the age and condition of your property.
    3. Our policy summary can help prepare you for insurance renewals and provide you with the proper questions when negotiating the terms of your policy with your insurance company.
    4. Proactively safeguard yourself from financial hardships which can arise from underinsurance.
    5. Most insurance agents and independent brokerage firms charge for insurance policy reviews but with Berrong Construction this service is provided 100% free with no hidden obligation to you.