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As the leading painting contractor in Buford, we understand the fact that clients have varying painting requirements. We offer all types of services. You can call us to paint the exterior of your home or business in your preferred color. We can also paint interiors, including bathrooms, kitchens, and offices using suitable painting solutions. Apart from that, we offer painting for metal surfaces, windows, and doors. Along with apartments, condos or villas, we also offer painting services for all types of business setups.

Where We Are Ahead of the Competitors

You may come across many other painting contractors in Buford. However, once you choose Berrong, you will figure out that the others are no match for us.

Listed here are the reasons to choose Berrong Construction over the others for any painting needs:

  • Prompt Response – We value efficiency and professionalism, and are prompt in responding to client requests, no matter what type of painting requirement he or she has! It may be about painting a small apartment or a large property – we get back as soon as possible.
  • Intensive Inspection – We do not offer quotes over the phone at the first call! Why is that, you may ask?First, we set up a date for property inspection. Our staff visits your house or office, and conducts a thorough inspection. Then and only then will you receive an initial quote. It will vary on the size of the property and type of materials chosen, etc. Sometimes, you may have to pay a bit more if the wall or surface has damages.
  • Reasonable Charges – We do not believe in overcharging the clients for painting or any construction work. We encourage the clients to compare our painting service rates with that of the rivals. We value fairness and integrity, and stand behind our work.
  • Premium Painting Products – When you choose us to get your house or business setup painted, we ensure there is no compromise with the quality. We offer only high-quality painting solutions both for exterior and interior painting needs. If required, we can offer weather-resistant painting products for superior longevity. We also have long-lasting painting products for the kitchen and bathrooms. Ask us for matte or glossy finish painting solutions for the interior. If you are unsure which painting product will suit your budget and house, we will assist.
  • Clarity on Costs – Once we offer you a quote on painting, we stick to that. We do not impose any hidden charges.

Summing It Up

Do you have more queries on our painting services or costs? We will be delighted to hear from you. Try our painting service, and join our happy customer base.


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