What We Offer

We offer all types of painting services for clients with varying budgets and lifestyle needs.
Exterior Painting Packages: We offer all types of exterior painting services for domestic and business setups. From walls to fencing and metal surfaces, we can paint it all using apt exterior painting solutions. We offer water and fade resistant painting solutions too.
Interior Painting Packages: We also offer a vast range of interior painting solutions. Call us to get your rooms painted in glossy finish paints or matte finish. We also have suitable painting packages to give your kids’ rooms a stunning makeover. You can pick from our painting solutions for kitchens and bathrooms too.
Apart from the walls, we can paint windows, doors, glass, metal shutters and any surface as per your needs.

Why Choose Us for Painting Needs?

When you search for a top painting contractor in Alpharetta, it is necessary to look for a few factors. These are:

  1. Quality of Products – Is the contractor using high-quality painting solutions for exterior or interior? Unless top-quality paint is used, it will get faded by sun and weather elements.
  2. Guidance – You may not be well-aware of the viability of painting products for your house. A top painting contractor will guide you in picking the best solution within your budget.
  3. Skilled Staff – You need to check if the agency or contractor you choose offers skilled and veteran painting staff for your work or not. Painting a house or office well requires craftsmanship, and only experienced staff can do justice to such needs.
  4. Reasonable Pricing – You have a budget for all types of home renovation needs, including painting. So, you should opt for an agency that offers painting solutions within your budget.
  5. Customization – A contractor agency offering painting services may have pre-designed packages to meet varying client needs. However, the agency should offer ample customization scopes too. You may not need to paint the entire house, for example, and only a couple of rooms may need to be painted.

In all these aspects, Berrong Construction LLC comes out with flying colors. We also offer a robust customer care service.

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You may have more questions regarding our painting services. You may also be curious about quotes for your residential or office painting needs. Whatever the queries may be, our team is here to resolve those. Get in touch with us online or over the phone, and you will be delighted!


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